What the website contains.

The website contains lists of words that focus on a particular sound or phonogram.

There are some 42 he sounds in the English language

but there are in excess of 200 ways to write them.

The website is a list of words which can be used for supporting students in their quest to be able to write, read and spell words correctly.

It is not anticipated that students will be exposed to every word. But that groups of words can be selected from the lists to teach the particular sounds that words are composed of. Words can also be chosen from the list to be used to assess a student's understanding of particular sounds.

The words in each list comprise many different levels of difficulty. The hope is that the harder words can be used to reinforce the sounds at any grade level.

Students with learning difficulties and then practice sounds at levels equivalent to those of their peers.

Education issues are discussed in a variety of articles.

We also aim to add exercises and tests that will help teachers address a variety of learning difficulties.