Maths 1

Understanding numbers

Key words

Mathematics, language, symbols, syllable, function.

As you read through the exercise make a list of words that you do not know.

You may like to make your own dictionary and your own mathematical dictionary to help you remember what you have read.

As you work through the page

Things to note. Mathematics has an ‘e’ after the first syllable.

The first syllable ends with the sound ‘ng’ to enable the ‘g’ to function properly it needs a letter protector. The letter ‘u’ performs that function.

Note two words where the ‘I’ sound is made by the letter ‘y’

Note in in the word function ‘ti’ sounds like ‘sh’.

Teacher suggestions: The familiarity with words and their usage, phonics and the addition of suffixes and prefixes (morphographs)and how they affect meaning is important. The aim is to have children read and comprehend mathematical books just like any other reading. It needs to be realised that it may be more difficult but it is a similar process

About Mathematics

Mathematics is almost a language of its own. It uses some words that are common to us in its own way. It also has words that are specific to Mathematics itself. It has signs and patterns, that are special to it alone. It uses drawings or graphs. Mathematics is amazing.

Mathematics is an important part of our learning it teaches us to think carefully. It is also about patterns and helps us recognise complex patterns. It is a great help to in explain things.

Mathematics is found everywhere; In newspapers, in books, in the internet, in our talking and of course in school.

I love travelling. In my car, mathematics is used to find out, how fast I am going, how long it will take to get to where I am going. Is it the time I know that I go to bed and how long I have slept. No wonder I am tired. It is getting late.


Above are two types of pictures call graphs that are used  in mathematics to tell people information. They are called graphs.

Can you see the mathematics words and sign in the article below?

In 2018 there was a drop in car sales of  3.4%. Despite the drop in car sales  the top ten manufacturers manage to sell nearly a million dollars’ worth of vehicles.

Australia is tenth highest consumer of motor cars in the world. It is strange that we can have that volume of cars sold yet cannot manufacture vehicles here.

Despite ceasing to manufacture cars in Australia Holden still ranked in the top ten ranked car manufacturers.

The other strange bit of information is that the biggest selling vehicle was the Toyota HiLux which can be used in many different ways but is not a family car. It shows that semi-commercial vehicles form a very important part of the car market. The third ranked car was the family car; the Toyota Corolla.


What mathematical words or symbols did you find?

What words would you add to your personal dictionary?

Here are some different ways to use numbers in different numerical expressions.

Here are three ways to look at the number 12

 Math1aMath2a copy

Using numbers is simpler. 

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