Spelling tests

Introduction to testing videos


Spelling test 1 

 When Running the video make sure you hid the text below. 

Hide the test below when using the video

Letters: a, i, p, n, s, t.

Words:  cat, sat, cap, pat, can, tap, tin, tip, sip, pin

Click here to run spelling test 1 video only


 To use the google form click on view form

to View Google form use it for test.

 Spelling test 2 

Hide test word list while running Spelling test 2 video

Letters::a, i, d, n, p, r, s, t, p 

Words: dad, rat, ran, din, sit, pit, pan, dip, tan, rid.

Click here to run spelling test 2 video only when using as a test

click to view the google form testing process

Select to do the scramble word activity for Spelling test 2