“That cannot be true,” you would say. But Indy would suggest that was all because humans  thought they were very smart, when they were not. What they did not realise that dogs actually ruled the world.

“What a silly idea,” you say. Here, Indy would ask you to think a bit more carefully. Who gets the food for the dog, who cleans up after playful puppies have chewed the morning newspaper? Not the dog. When you walk down the street, who walks in front. The answer is simple, the dog. Why, because we dogs rule the world.

It is true, Indy would tell you, that the great dog who created the world has given us a very strange set of skills, to achieve his kingdom. To be a good dog you had to be very humble and mild mannered. “One day,” Indy would say “It will happen you just wait and see. Dogs will rule the world no more humbly sleeping in kennels’