The next issue is why don’t we have to verify that God exists? The first verse opens with God being there.  Why is this so?  The key factor is that God reveals himself as a one and only and he presents himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and the Hebrews in that manner. Throughout the Bible God presents himself positively as superior to anything else. The other so called gods are figments of man’s imagination, deities made by wood and stone. The pinnacle of the contrast is when Elijah so powerfully demonstrates the truth of the living reality of God on Mount Carmel. To the Israelites as a nation, in the dessert as they escaped from Egypt,  he appeared as a cloud through the day and a pillar of fire by night. Israel only moved when the cloud moved. So their experience of God was that he was singular and only. Moses experience, as the only person who came close to God, was that he was one and only. Finally those scientists that talk of terms of intelligence creating the universe; talk in terms of there being only one.