Comprehension-Steps through learning.

For many of the children you see, a large amount of what is written is learned quickly and without effort. There will always be a minority that struggle. This list is to give some direction as to what to look for and to take time to remedy. I would like to highlight that when you see a consistent spelling error in written language we should consider the issue in a deeper matter, that is, maybe it is a symptom of something significant ‘a learning difficulty’.  

Complexities within a word.

Using a complexity number to help select appropriate words for a spelling list.

For those of us who can read and enjoy doing so regularly, it is an easy task, and we are bewildered by the problems of those students that can't. Strangely, some of those that read well cannot spell.

The learning issues that surround reading and writing are very complex. They involve issues of memory, of seeing and vision, of hearing and with writing, the need for hand control.

Finger Spelling and Model Making.

Using Word ModelUsing Word Model Acticvity

Reading and spelling are difficult for some children to comprehend and gain competence in. These two areas have different outcomes. Reading is recognising a word and being able to comprehend its meaning and to use that comprehension in predicting the words that are likely to come next and to understand what a story or passage is about. Sometimes that comprehension pushes the reader into a guessing procedure which may give a similar or appropriate word but the wrong word nevertheless.

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