God and the Whistling Train chapter 1 section 6

It is worth reflecting on the words of the dubious statement of the scientist mentioned earlier. Where was Lazarus, to be able to be recalled. It is interesting to read the church history about this man. It is said that he never smiled after the event, so concerned was he about what he saw in those four days of death. Well the encouraging thing is the Jesus talked about that future to the sisters and post resurrection made several positive comments about life after death for those who believe.

It would be great in all these bible stories explained above to be a simple explanation that we could understand. But there isn’t. They are all far too complex for our understanding. We can only accept the truth of them. And say they were miraculous because the science that is underneath them is beyond what we know and understand.

So we have situations that could not be explained simply yet behind them much was happening. We need to understand that the scripture talks in terms we understand, it gives an overall picture, and the complex is explained simply.

In the next discussion about creation, some of what happens is beyond our understanding. We may arrange our own ways of describing what happened, we may even say that is all just a neat way of talking about what we don’t understand. It has to be simple, because the library couldn’t hold the books needed to explain what happened in the beginning. And God in his wisdom has given us some interesting pictures that helps us gaining some insight into what happened in the beginning.

If we open the Bible, which is the Christian textbook, we find a very interesting declaration in the first verse.

Genesis 1:1 (NKJV) In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

This is very clear statement of what God did.