God and the Whistling Train Chapter1 section 7

We essentially have three descriptive sections of the creation. The first one which is in the sentence above from verse one. It  is just a statement of fact. This is followed by a description of the process by which it came about, which may make this second description  an addendum to the first. Because it's the main part of the discussion in chapter, I treat as an entity of its own. It more than just the second version of the creation story.

However, we have another viewpoint and another way of looking at it in chapter 2 of Genesis.  This gives another viewpoint and adds aspects that we would not otherwise have known. Three descriptions  about the  creation is not something that is unusual in Scripture. The most obvious similarity is in the fact that there are four gospels each presenting the story of Jesus in their own particular way and with their own viewpoint. We can see the contrast in the different viewpoints too when we consider Kings and  Chronicles, both studying are very similar time-space but with different emphasis. Therefore, having multiple books or passages about the same topic is common in the book library called the bible.

Another aspect of what  is going on is that God is helping us understand the language and concepts that help us to step into the carriage of faith. As a process, this is not unusual. 

The most difficult aspect of studying any subject is learning the language of the subject. It doesn't matter whether it is Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Economics or Psychology, they all have unique words and ideas incorporated in how they are discussed. The difficulty for the economics professor or any teacher is introducing those terms. The Bible and the faith of the Bible is no different. Initial ideas have to be simple and in terms that any hearer  can understand.