God and the Whistling Train Chapter 1 section 5

There are two stories in this passage, which miraculous healing happened with merely a word from Jesus. The last one, is interesting. Firstly because it’s about gynaecological issues, which often prove very difficult to solve. And often involve significant operations for those suffering in this area. Typical of the situation, the woman was shy and didn’t want to talk about what the problem was. And the news of what Jesus was able to do had reached her ears. She takes the situation forward one step. She considers her situation and concludes that if she could just touched the hem of the clothing that Jesus wore, she could be healed of such a deliberating condition. And she did. It is important to notice how quickly the changes occurred in what Christ was able to achieve. Jesus noted the situation and just commended the woman and faith.

In chapter 14:36 it suggests that many people started just to touch the hem of his cloak and received healing. So the story receives some publicity.

The incredible structural changes that had to happen in that poor woman’s body for her to have health. Yet they happened in an instant. So what do we do, we say, a miracle occurred, why? Because what happened was so incredible that we cannot understand or use  terms and descriptions that could be understood to describe the happening. There had to be incredible changes in that woman’s physical body. Molecular, changes to blood, through to physical rearrangements that we can only guess about.

The other story in this section of Scripture, is about the leaders daughter dying. By the time the leader is able to find and talk to Jesus, the establishment had then able to arrange for people to wail and begin the process celebrating the death.  For this, they had to be convinced the child was dead. Yet to Jesus she was only asleep and he raises to life a little girl that was not breathing, that people knew was dead .

The last story I would like to allude to, is the story of Lazarus. The man who had been dead for four days. And when Jesus asked those about him to open the tomb, they suggested that the stench would be unbearable. Yet Jesus was able to call him out of the tomb. We would like to suggest that maybe he was psychologically in a difficult situation and death was just a picture of his dilemma. But we must remember he was in a psychological situation that necessitated four days in a tomb and the need to undo the death wrappings.