Linda's Story (1)


Linda Wilson walked down the now empty corridor, hearing only the noise of her heels on the hard floor. A moment before, the corridor was filled with the noise of children carrying laden bags as they went to the exit doors and their way home. She had once forgotten to check the sickroom. Sometime later, after the buses had all gone a child emerged and had to be driven home by the principal. That had made her very thorough.

Linda loved the place. She had been at the school for more years than she would like to count. At first she volunteered to help the teachers in the classes where her children worked and learnt. Then the principal, noticing the quality of her work, had offered her a teacher aide position. This helped financially and made it easy for single mother to continue to support herself and her children. She had four children. Two with her first husband who had died early in their marriage with cancer. She had two more with her second husband. All of them now married, with children of their own.  It was one of her grandchildren that she was concerned causing her to ponder as she walked down the corridor.