God and the whistling chapt 1 section 2

In the passage, we can see that a thorough consideration the world about us should give an idea of God and should encourage us to begin the search in the right direction. 

An example of of the primacy of the bible is in the following. In a current affairs discussion on the television, a scientist with miles of doctorates after his name came to discuss some scientific relevant issues. His first statement was that “science has proved that there is no life after death.” Now, on what grounds could he say that. What experience or experiments has shown this. It was a ridiculous statement. On the other side, the bible is very specific. We can believe in the  resurrection because Christ rose from the dead. This is recorded within ten to fifteen years after it happened and was preached and supported within weeks of its occurrence. It was contemporary. In comparison the life of Julius Caesar was first recorded 100 years after his death. Another contrast is that there is more historical evidence for Jesus and his resurrection than Julius Caesar. The bible is primary and other evidence like records of people who have been revived from death due to medical intervention is secondary. Helpful but not primary. The bible sees the difficulty, and Paul points out that there were still living a group of five hundred people all of whom were part of a large group who has seen the risen Lord at one particular time.  It just like the bible story of the time when Jesus changed water to wine at the wedding feast someone noted that the wine provider had saved the best till last. That informs us that it was real wine.

Before I go onto the next part of the discussion of the first verses in the Bible, I would like to reinforce what I have suggested in the above discussion. The point I am trying to make is that each of the topics in the Bible verses is just a simple picture which is a front to a far more complex process. In other words the story in the scriptures is of prime importance and that the detail that could not be understood is not mentioned. I would like to demonstrate this with three pictures in the New Testament